Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the beginning...

...there was a meet-and-greet...

The first rehearsal of a new show is such an exciting time! Even though the production and artistic staffs have usually been meeting for a while, this is the first (and often last) time we're all together until tech week.

Meet-and-greet is the night where everyone gets to introduce themselves and what their connection is to the show. For some of us, it's really easy ("I'm Britt and I'm in the ensemble.") Others (Joshua!) are doing so many things it's difficult to keep them all straight! One thing that's always true is that most of us won't remember anyone's name for more than five minutes. For weeks, you'll be known as "the sound guy who lurks in the back."

Remember how much you loved show-and-tell in kindergarten? Meet-and-greet has it's own grown-up version. Models of the set, reams of costume research-- it gets your imagination going! Camelot is going to be a gorgeous show and it's fantastic to see how passionate the designers are about creating this world.

PS... the actors are pretty amazing, too! After listening to last night's table read, I can't wait to see this show come to life!

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