Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun at our alternate rehearsal space

We spent two days at our alternate rehearsal space this week since Seattle Musical Theatre's Summer Stage camp's production of Annie needed to use the theatre. Before we could start with music rehearsals we had to move our old piano (the newly donated one we'll keep at the theatre) to the space a few blocks from the theatre, but within Magnuson park.

Thanks to cast members Britt, Nicholas & Jontom, resident sound designer Joshua, production manager Dan and SMT friend James, the piano was moved down the street and up the stairs quickly.

Later that night, when I was gathering chairs from other rooms in the building, I (perhaps somewhat foolishly) opened a door in the basement. It was starting to get dark. The door made a creaking noise right out of a horror movie. Then, I found myself eye to eye with a life-sized paper-mache person. She stared right at me and was wearing a surgical mask and curlers in her hair. In one bloodied hand she had a stick of some kind and in the other arm she carried a severed head. I screamed. And then laughed until tears were streaming down my face. Then made sure to show everyone at rehearsal that night.

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