Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday matinees and Easter eggs...

On Sunday matinees, we open the house an extra fifteen minutes early, which means we have a lot of extra time to kill backstage between sound check and our places call. Ironically, it's also the one day in the performance week where most everyone is ready well ahead of sound check. That adds up to a lot of bored folks crammed together in a small space!

We all spend the time differently. Some of us are responsible and balance our checkbooks (no, not me!). Others spend quality time with their curling irons (again, not me). Today, you could find a bunch of the guys out back playing frisbee. They aren't very good at it. Word of warning: don't park your car behind the theatre if you value your paint job ;)

Now that we're in the midst of the run, here are a handful of things very few people see about our show:

*Starbuck's conjuring stick has a notch for each performance we've had an audience. Everyone touches it before each show because... well, we're theatre people, and theatre people are a superstitious lot!

*The red bandana signaling Starbuck's entrance may look simple, but there's a whole production number happening behind the scenes. Typically, Gregory is standing the wings getting into character as the ensemble exits from "The Hungry Men" (the picnic scene). There's not a lot of time before we come back on, so we wait in the wings and try not to cause too much of a ruckus. Josh likes to give Gregory pitching tips, which makes me bite my lip so I don't bust out laughing.

*Wanna know what sitting in the dressing room during a scene change looks like? Imagine a herd of hippos. In clunky shoes. Stampeding above your head.

*In the Act Two opener, look for the minivan parked in the projection. Lawd knows the cast does! And no, there are no dinosaurs hiding in the bushes. Trust me, Josh has looked for them...

*Starbuck has some crazy stuff in his wagon. Vials of potions, skulls, a gods-eye. Arwen and I want to know how he uses them to make rain!

*Notice how after Starbuck charms the ensemble in the "Rain Song", you don't see them again until the second act? That's because we're downstairs with a box of card games that rivals the selection at Top Ten Toys. Favorites include Killer Bunnies, Bang!, Loot and Fluxx (both the Monty Python and Zombie editions). We also have a lovely rotating selection of treats. Of course, we never eat them in costume ;)

*The guys in the cast have been all over this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book backstage this week. Don't you love those? They also are making some serious headway on our deck of Mensa cards. I'd be willing to pit my cast against anyone in town on trivia night!

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  1. Several things:

    a) I am super duper at frisbee, I will have you know.

    b) The "frisbee" that John brought was actually a rubber coating throwing ring, not likely to damage car paint.

    c) Do we touch the stick because we're superstitious? I just do it because Greg is a pervert and I like to humor him...

    d) Why is my coaching Greg how to throw funny? I show how to pitch a bandana, and Greg shows me how to pitch a...on second thought, yeah, lets say it is funny.

    e) I am kinda surprised that you would tell people to look for the car. Thought that was a little cast secret...