Friday, May 7, 2010

Opening Night

A little peek backstage...

7:50 Opening night gifts have been flying backstage! Emily's biscuits, Bradley's beef jerky, Gregory's candy-filled stars are all well-received. Our leads have flowers crowding the extra spaces. Plus some of our favorite SMT alums, Colin and Ashley, sent us all sorts of goodies (including sunscreen!)

7:58 Places called. Still not ready. Drat!

8:00 Despite some minor sound check delays, we still managed to start the show at the appointed hour. Trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds. There are so many things that can hold up the show's start time.

8:10 Opening number rolled right along. The boys are upstairs now singing "Lizzie's Comin' Home". Josh and Justin have decided to add their own interpretive dances in the dressing room, conveniently located just below the stage. Thundrous applause (for the guys onstage, not so much for the downstairs version).

8:20 Cross #1 - the infamous lemonade balance. It didn't fall over, so all is well with the world. Hung out in the wings to watch Josh strut his stuff. Some roles are absolutely typecast... ;) Plenty of laughter. Came downstairs to find flowers had magically appeared at my section of the room. Awww!

8:23 Listening to Jen power-run the words to "Hungry Men" as the guys jump into "Poker Polka". What a strange dicotomy.

8:30 Lemonade spilled all over the floor during the picnic. Fortunately it's made of paraffin wax and yellow crayons, so it stays in the cup. "Mopped" it up with my dishcloth regardless...

8:45 Oh, "Rain Song"! Starbuck was sure spinning the story tonight, which captivated many of us for real. Popped the seam in the armhole of my green dress - thank goodness Kathryn is awesome at sewing, because otherwise I'd be forced to grab the duct tape from upstairs and fix it myself. Now that we're free for the rest of the act, the ensemble settles in to play Killer Bunnies. Certain members of the cast inform us that the game looks like a five year old designed it. That may be true, but it's sure fun to play!

9:20 Intermission. We frantically pack up our game as Lizzie holds out the last note of "Old Maid," as we play on the floor right in front of the costume rack. Sometimes nobody wins. Maybe tomorrow... Mic battery and costume changes before we can enjoy intermission.

9:35 "Everything Beautiful" lives up to its name - everyone remembers their own lines and no one falls off the platform. We even remember to smile-- Chris and Paul sure drum it into us enough that it's a "happy" song.

9:50 Cross #2 - chasing Martha. Jen and I always have fun with this one!

10:10 Last entrance of the night as we head into the homestretch. Eric and I have a running commentary during this scene that rivals Statler and Waldorf Hope our mics don't get turned on by accident! The last few moments of the show are incredibly touching, so I don't mind bursting into tears onstage. Waterproof mascara!

10:27 Race downstairs to change clothes one last time and head off to the Blu Water Bistro for our opening night party! Good show, everyone!

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  1. What would an opening night show be without spilled lemonade, ripped dresses, and interpretive dance. It would be *spits.*