Tuesday, May 4, 2010

O.k..... this is my first blog - in my era, blogs were large geletin like carnivorous creatures (oh wait, that was "the Blob" - nevermind...)
I did my first musical in 1967, playing "Freddie" in "My Fair Lady".... since then, I have done a lot of wonderful work with great people ( and some crappy work with bad people - but hey, thats show biz). This show has to rank among the very top of my list.

I do love the show to begin with and have since I first heard it in workshop in 1974. Always to hoped to get a chance to not just be in it, but to be in a great production of it. I believe we have accomplished that..... the ensemble is a delight - you guys/gals are so fun to watch. Your faces are constantly expressive, in character and totally believable. You put out a choral sound that seems like there are twice as many of you.

Jennifer sends a chill up my spine with her Lizzy - singing, dancing and acting all top notch....(anybody think she looks like Dana Delaney??) Greg has power, charisma and is a wonderful Starbuck. I love my kids, Charles and John. Great fun to work with. Snookey is lovely to watch and a crack up to listen too..... I so admire her courage in being flipped around like a rag doll and I know Jimmy will never drop her! File and I go back many years and its so good to work with Bill again.
Carine has got to be the most organized and best stage manager I have ever worked with....including The Fifth Avenue!
And of course, Chris and Paul - creative - encouraging - humorous and about as talented as it gets musically.

Thanks to everyone for making this one of the best theater experiences of my life..... Break a leg!


  1. AWW.

    We all think you're wonderful too!!

  2. Dick,

    Did you knock on wood after you blogged this??

    No...no you did not.

  3. You might want to retract your kind comments after last night's spectacular rain sequence failure! :)