Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tickled Pink

In a very large nutshell...our backstage fun consists of...

Electromagnetized brushes, history lessons about short ties, lots of ripped fabric equaling a frantic Snookie, completely random killer bunny card games, waaaayyy too much junk food, awkward moments with Starbuck's hickory stick, discussions of Justin Timberlake and Adam Lambert together on Broadway...?, Brittany validating that she does in fact own every entertainment item known to man, complaints of why the show isn't called "The Rainmaker" (or something cool like that), steaming flat irons that scare the crap out of Britt, mini baskets of jelly beans (I believe I mixed two together and made pink lemonade!!), finger crossing that John's testerone isn't too much that it rips my dress again, reluctance of using an outside porta-potty, and a big ol' bucket of licorice.

...but aside from all the fun lay a row of beautiful pink roses, each set with a card beneath them. Darn, turns out I wasn't the first one in the dressing room this evening, Chris beat me to it...

So while the fun gives us memories for the future, it's the heartwarming moments that make the present so special.

Feel the love and come see this special show.

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