Monday, May 24, 2010


Britt wrote me a haiku for closing:

Ah, life as SM
Standby thunder and lighting
... Where the hell's my cast?

It kind of rocks my world.

Closing a show always is a little bit hard - especially when you have enjoyed the process and the people involved so much. Usually, I count myself pretty lucky when, by the time we close, all of my actors are still in one piece, none of my crew has quit and the theatre did not burn down (not that I've been leaving a trail of broken actors, disillusioned crew and smoldering theatres over the years... I just keep expecting the worst. It's what stage managers do). Sometimes, when very lucky, I will feel like I've made some new friends and it's the occasional rare show where everyone just bonds and a sense of family is created.

110 was such a show.

As I told my favorite underage cast member, the end of a show feels like having to send your kids out into the wide world. You're excited for them, you know they and you are ready, but you know you'll miss them and you just don't know when they'll come back to you... and it makes you secretly wish that you could just hold onto them - or the moments you created together- for just a little bit longer.

But, I also know that we'll see each other again - as friends, colleagues or at organized reunions. The Producers clan still has periodic get togethers and I'm pretty sure the town of Three Point will see each other at some annual picnic day or other...

On to the next season... it's going to be a good one!

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  1. Carine - I'll organize the reunions! As long as ya'll provide your alcohol. :)