Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I felt that last night's run went swimmingly, with only a few bumps here and there. It was good to have the band back. After our sitzprobe on Saturday, we didn't have them on Monday night. No offense to Paul's piano abilities, but even his prowess cannot replace a whole band. No worries, 'cause they are back for good, baby!

I don't know how old Dick is. I am not going to guess and put my estimate on this blog, because I don't want to hurt his feelings and don't want to suffer the consquences of my honesty (he told me in the military he did some boxing). But, I would imagine that, over the course of his lifetime, he has on several occasions been required to tie a tie. I admit, it can be a tricky task to do correctly, but last night Dick's tie made it, maybe, halfway down his chest. It looked like he was trying to hide some cleavage or something. I gave him some grief about it, and in response he told me the origin of the tie, which was in France (leave it to the French, right?), and went about his merry business. I suppose I shouldn't give him such at hard time; at least he's wearing a tie. Shoot, I mean Jimmy can't even button up his shirt...

Us ensemble have a nice long break after the "Rain Song" until intermission, and some of my fellow townspeople have began to pass the time with an assortment of card games. Britt, the girl who pretty much owns every form of entertainment ever created (be it CD's, DVD's, television series, EVERY-FREAKIN'-THING), brought in a dozen different games that look confusing and nerdy even to us fellow performers. I simply watch and patronize them as they play their silly, little games...

...I will probably be the most enthusiastic player of these games by the end of the run.

Finally, us theater folk don't get to compete too often aside from auditions. Generally lacking the physical coordination and aggressive tendancies, I willing to gamble that most of us aren't overly active in the whole "sports community". That being said, Paul, being the sneaky music director that he is, gave us a chance to compete in a verbal shouting match during "Rain Song". Now, my side, Stage Left (SL4LY or Stage Left for Life, Yo!) is at a distinct disadvantage by having one less person on our side. For the longest time Stage Right (SRSB or Stage Right Smells Bad) abusively used their greater numbers to oppress us on the left. WELL, NO MORE! For the last two nights, SL4LY has crushed the tyrannical SRSB with dynamic force. I may not be able to throw a football, but I will "YEAH!" the crap out of anybody!

More to come...

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