Monday, May 24, 2010


We closed today. A few finals things:

1) When Greg and Paul laugh at the same time, it is pretty much the most frightening laugh combo imaginable. It sounds something like if two evil professors determined to take over the world have unhatched some devious plot and are celebrating their debauchery.

2) FX and myself REALLY like pie.

3) The gay equivilent to a "cougar" (i.e. attractive older woman who picks up younger guys) is a "jaguar".

4) Justin burns 4500 calories per session of Dance Dance Revolution.

5) Girls cry.

6) I don't cry. Mostly because I don't have human emotions. Mostly because I am robot. Yes, I've been a robot this whole time. And with this revelation, I am proud to announce that I have successfully completed the perfect trifecta of cowboyninjarobot. I am now unstoppable.

110 In the Shade was a blast. Per usual, it is the people, from crew to actors to musicians and everybody in between, that make stage performance such a wonderful craft. And, of course, thanks to our audiences who came out and supported this production. Truly, truly, truly theater is possible or relevant without an audience. Thanks to all. See y'all next season!


  1. 1) Agree wholeheartedly.
    2) Gross.
    3) What's the equivalent to an attractive younger women who picks up older guys? Just curious.
    4) Per session or per song?
    5) Guys cry, too.
    6) Snarky guys don't.


    What the hell are we going to do without you blogging on a regular basis?

  2. 3) Girls who pick up older guys are known as "girls".