Saturday, May 15, 2010


After a nice week long break, we came back to do yet another round of our show. Our house tonight was, as far as I could tell, our largest and most responsive audience yet. Thanks to all who made it out tonight.

In other news, much of what I observed tonight came from off stage right. Now mind you, I am still committed to SL4LY (Stage Left For Life, Yo), but tonight I hung out on the other side. From stage right, I observed Greg's interesting process in throwing a hanky on stage. A simple task, one would think. Greg, however, requires several steps of practice pump faking and just general assurance that he can actually throw something on stage. I will give him credit that he does so successfully every night. This simply validates the already known fact that us theater folk cannot throw things very well...

As I have already stated in previous blogs, my job in the cast is to successfully meld both ninja and cowboy to create a super race of stealthy badasses. I have completed this task flawlessly. Tonight, I am officially declaring the enemy of the ninjacowboy; that is, the Three Point "Stepford" wives. Over the course of the show, I have noticed stage green lights on the backs of Britt and Jenn off stage. They tried to cunningly convince me that this is simply the light coming from their mic pacs. This clearly is a lie, covering up the truth of their cybertronic identities. I am pretty sure they also use an auto-tone during our songs on stage. Cheating robots...

Finally, a shout out to the ladies:

1) I was randomly listening to "Simple Little Things" being sung tonight by Jenn Littlefield. Even after hearing it dozens of times, when really listening to it, I find something new and beautiful to appreciate. Simply put, Jenn is wonderful and is the reason that you should see this show.

2) Our stage manager, Carine (pronounced with THREE SYLLABLES), is a beautiful and wonderful human being. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

Finally finally, a shout out to the lobby bar upstairs (with you should check out after the show, yo!)

3) Beer = good. (Its the beer talking...)

More to come...

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