Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today was our long day, sitzprobe and all. But really, it was pretty painless. Thanks to the board for dinner and Carine for making it such a smooth operation.

So, sitzprobe = fun. Hearing the band for the first time is always a treat. Also, I am convinced that doing choreography from a chair is the only way to do it. John choose to do a little extra standing up, which including touching his hips and doing a little shimmy when Starbuck sings about "little boys wad[ing]" in water. An odd choice, and a reminder that I should probably alert local law enforcement...

Speaking of Starbuck, during his song "Melisande" (which sounds phenomenal, b-t-dubs) there is a part where he sings as the mythical princess character Melisande, in which, I swear, his voice goes lower than any other part in the song. Greg's idea of a princess has such a sultry and smooth baritone voice. Anybody surprised?

Being the long tech day that it was, we also got our costumes for the first time. For me, the costume in a show is a monumental help to finalizing the character; actually giving the character a physical difference than yourself. It also really helps when relating to other people on stage, giving you that final push into believing that you are talking to a townsperson. Carine said that our costumes said really complimented the set, which is also coming along nicely, with the combination of plain, earthy tones. Upon hearing this, I tried to use my costume to make me invisible against the floor of the set. Carine was not fooled, and reminded me that I can indeed be seen. Again, cowboy ninja. I am determined to make it work!

I haven't mentioned in my previous blogs about the dance routine between Snooks and Jim in "Little Red Hat". Without giving too much away, in the number Snooks gets flipped around a wee bit. Now, in the past this has been a little, er, sketchy. In the song, the two sing about getting romantic, and in the dance routine the only thing Snookie was getting romantic with was the floor. Fortunately, it has improved greatly, and will look awesome by opening. I was beginning to think that we might have to rename the number "Little Red Helmet"...

So, after today hearing ourselves with the mics/band/everything, I convinced that you will want to come see the show. If I can toot our own horn for a second, it is gonna sound freakin' awesome. Get your tickets, folks! You won't wanna miss it!

More to come...


  1. "the only thing Snookie was getting romantic with was the floor?"

    Really Josh?

  2. Well-balanced sound is often overlooked... unless it's no longer well-balanced, so thanks for noticing. :) You guys sounded GREAT yesterday.