Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2nd Dress Rehearsal

At some point during the rehearsal process, and in particular tech week, things usually go wrong. And they finally did. And I'm kind of glad. I was starting to worry that everything was going a little *too* smoothly, which was bound to result in a spectacular mess on opening night. Because that is how these things go. So, the fact that last night our technology went haywire is okay. Because it will be fixed.

All show, the projector, which projects the beautiful slides that Jason designed and really help to set the scene, had been acting up - and we knew it would be, due to a video card problem. Sometimes it wouldn't move on to the next image when I pressed the button, sometimes it would come up with the wrong image and a few times Three Point, Texas would be so entirely out of focus that we'd imagine our patrons all taking off their glasses and trying to rub off the blurry spots.

Then, towards the end of the show, after a wrongly place cue instantly teleported the entire cast from one area to another, the rain cue came and everyone was excited to see the animation work. Unfortunately, our joy was rather short-lived because the projector suddenly started flickering and then alternating between two different images before crashing completely in a rather impressive display of technological failure. Imagine seeing your computer screen freezing up, the image breaking into fragments and go partially black - but then on a giant 12ft screen. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to keep my light and sound cues straight (at which I failed pretty miserably), madly pushing my sound cue standby / go button while trying to rattle off the correct light cues as Three Point shattered around us.

But, between Joshua and Jason's expertise, and the new video card Caleb supplied, we should be good to go today. And I'll get those cues straight. Because, in the end, it always comes together.

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