Friday, April 30, 2010

We remembered to breathe!!!

It was a solid show last night. And it's everyone's doing - no single person made the show great . With that said, their behind the scenes participation makes it extra fun to write blogs.

Josh gave us some after-show entertainment with his rendition of “Everything Beautiful.” Except not...he called it, “Everything Gothical Happens At Night.” I *thought* I pressed record, but I didn't. Guess he'll have to do it again for us. By the way, Josh, we moved in style beautifully last night.

Britt brought some goodies for us to enjoy from Idaho...what a treat!

Arwin and I had a humorous run-through of “Hungry Men,” sorry Paul...

Greg got yelled at again for mispronouncing “Melisande,” again...:) I believe Paul said he would “shoot things” at him if he mispronounced it again. Maybe he'll get lucky, and Paul will just have Chris spit on him.

Jennifer immerses herself in “Lizzie,” once again and continues to impress us.

Justin plays a mean drunk man...mean in a good way!

Chris was the kindest director ever by only having two pages of notes for us...what a confidence boost!

F.X does a beautiful job of hiding a bottle of vodka. *cough*

Jen continues to impress me with her man skills...

Eric belts those echoes in hot day like no other...what a man.

Dick consistently makes me laugh - rather the line is intended that way - or not.

Bill sang “Man and a Woman” with such ease. Absolutely stunning.

Charles stands up for Starbuck and it gets me every time.

Paul makes us sing better - so he just wins.

and finally, John and I finished Little Red Hat GRACEFULLY.
It's come a far way...and I have bruises on my legs to prove it! ;)
Paul's idea of a choreographed breath before some of the longer phrases worked perfectly. I think of a breathing technique for a pregnant woman right before I sing, and it does wonders. Always have to have something on mind.

Until next time...

Snookie (Snooks, Snookums, Snook, Snookster)

P.S: Wins for stage right: 2


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