Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time well spent.

For the first night of tech, I thought it went rather smoothly. Just a few minor mishaps, but that's what makes tech rehearsal not a dress rehearsal...we still have some time to tweak. Here's an idea of what went on tonight - if you happened to miss this very entertaining evening.

“What's going on right now?”
“Everything Beautiful.”
You know your head is full of way to much darn information when you're asking the person you just practiced with FOR the next scene, what scene is up next...

Flightiness runs in our theater family, even though John and I enjoyed the “extra moment” while Wally and his bud joined us onstage during “Little Red Hat.” Yes, I do refer to this scene often, mainly because it's the only scene in the whole show where a person is treated as a prop. Moi. Brittany whispers, “You need a little hard hat,” after rehearsal. Yes, that would be helpful, but not as rebellious. Heck, I sang a couple measures of the song upside down tonight...SUCH A RUSH.

Compromising positions? Why yes, Paul, I think that phrase fits perfectly.

It's also really great when random limbs end up in odd my arm being squashed in a hug between Noah And Jimmy...does that happen? I guess on the stage, anything's possible.

As Brittany said, actors pretty much sacrifice our lives (in a sense) for “homework time.” But the truth is, for many of us, theater is our life. And when a great show is created by a hard-working cast, we wouldn't trade it for all the time in the world.

Speaking of time, Chris's rather perturbed statement, “screwwwwwww,” gave us the impression he would have liked more time for notes. At least that's what I got from it. But I'm afraid if he did finish his twelve pages of “hey, do this, not that,” it might not have stuck as well as he would like, so we'll gladly take our notes via email. That said, valuable time was spent with Chris sharing his idea of a drama opposed to performing a musical. “We are actors -- not performers.” He makes a point to tell us how each of us have a moment in the show, and it's a matter of grasping that moment that will really make the audience take that extra breath and feel the story, opposed to a show with people singing songs randomly. “It's so much more than that, it's a drama with music.” It's a challenge to be under a spotlight, and not act as though it's there. I'm lucky enough to work with actors who are capable of ignoring that spotlight, and their experience is beginning to wear off on me. Being reminded of the importance of a story, was time well spent. Thanks, Chris.

So, would it be off to say we've all received A's on our homework so far???
*crosses fingers*

'til tomorrow...[tonight]!


[This is the kind of stuff I think about at 1:00 in the morning.]

“Hey should totally start recording "Little Red Hat" during the "around the world" lift - put it in slow motion, and post the final position every night until opening. Then we can make a picture-book after the run. We could sell that for money.”


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