Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for fittings...

One of my favorite milestones as an actor is costume fittings, which are happening this week.

All the way back at our first rehearsal, our fabulous designer Deane Middleton shared her ideas about the show's costumes. She also corralled us to take measurements, which was the last time we saw her up until now. Out of sight, out of mind they say-- especially when it comes to the tech elements of the show. We know that they'll magically appear at some point, but until then you become consumed with all of the things you're actually responsible for as an actor (like remembering your phone book full of stage directions, to quote Josh's earlier post).

At fittings, it's the first chance the actor has to see how much work Deane and her team have done while we're off singing and dancing. For the fashion-challenged folks like myself, it's great to have someone hand you a pile and say, "Put all of these on." It's like having a personal shopper for your character!

And even better, Deane is an expert at making sure things not only fit her vision, but also the physical demands of the show. We get our show shoes at this point so we can start rehearsing in them-- a very important thing, as everyone who's ever worn a new pair of shoes out for the first time can relate to!

We're gonna work through Act One for the first time tonight, so we'll see how my shoes hold up...

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