Thursday, April 22, 2010

There is always that stage of rehearsing where all the various platforms, walls, entrances and levels of the set are merely tape marks on the floor. If the actor doesn't look down much, interesting, and mildly amusing (at least to me), things can happen. People walk through walls, step off 4 foot platforms, discover new (and eventually impossible) ways to enter and exit. We excitedly anticipate the sets arrival on stage when everything seems to make more sense.

I enjoy watching the ensemble (a.k.a. "chorus") evolve from the basic information given them in the script to "real" people in "real" environments. It takes experienced actors to know how to make that work. This production is lucky to have such talent. Without a strong ensemble the town of Three Point wouldn't come alive. Now we have a stage full of families and friends - personalities! Case in point, the song "Hungry Men" is being renamed "Hungry for Men" in honor of our lovely Jennifer H. and her hunt for testosterone.

Our musical director, Paul, has recently proven to be nimble and "oh so light afoot" as he dives within seconds from a relaxed recline in one of our audience seats to the piano bench just in time to intro an upcoming song. I don't know how he remembers the cue lines so well, but never a beat is missed.

A couple more weeks and we're open to the public. This is a special show.

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  1. Pretty sure during "Little Red Hat" John and I fell off many platforms, and ran into plenty of walls. Looking down for tape markings was definitely the last thing we had on our minds. Super stoked to see what will happen once the tape turns into walls and giant blocks we can crash into...

    The sacrifices we make in theatre. :-/
    Amazes me.