Friday, April 30, 2010

Tech talk

I like tech. It often has a bad rep, and sure, there are the long hours, the fear of things not coming together on time, stressed out production team members, demanding actors (what?! not this cast, of course!) and the pressure of making things run smoothly and keeping everyone in the loop while still remembering to call the light, sound and projection cues on time. But I love it. It is by far the most exciting time in the rehearsal and performance process for me... For months, I've been in on design and production meetings, auditions, casting and seemingly endless nights of rehearsals, but when technical rehearsals starts it's finally time to see everyone's efforts come together.

We have been adding lights the last couple of nights, which always makes a huge difference. Tomorrow we will have a rehearsal with the orchestra and sound (again, adding those makes an enormous difference!), followed by a run through where we'll add costumes and make sure all of the scene changes and lights are (close to) the way we want them. Our crew person will join us for the first time then, too.

Then on Monday we'll throw everything together: actors, orchestra, sound, lights, projections, props, costumes and make-up.

Another reason for enjoying tech rehearsals is because it functions as a bit of a reunion party for me. I love getting to work with new directors and new cast members and making new friends, but there is something really comforting about reaching the end of of the rehearsal process and getting to see and spend time with all of the familiar faces of the tech crew; the follow spot operators, light board op, sound engineer, wardrobe coordinator, technical director, charge artist and running crew. And seeing the reactions of the design team who are seeing both the show and their creations in action for the first time is pretty awesome too.

Things do go wrong. And when they do, they usually make for great stories over a drink or two. But, so far, so good. Everyone has been doing great work. So.., here's to another good day of tech tomorrow!

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