Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Platforms...we have platforms! Thanks, Dom! It nice to clearly see the different levels of performance now. All very high, of course. And Starbucks wagon is set to appear tomorrow. I still have one of those little Red Flyer wagons at home, and would have volunteered to lend that to Greg, but thought he might look a little ridiculous pulling it behind him as he sang about bringing on the rain! I have a million ideas - just need a better filter.

(Carine is dumping out on us tonight.)

The ensemble gets a night off tonight - they worked hard last night and now can use the evening to rest (i.e. Par-tay!) I look forward to a little al Italian fun this evening, where speed is of the essance and drama counts for nothing. Balance will be discovered eventually.

(Carine is still dumping out on us tonight.)

I wish I could write more humorous notes here, but since I'm often the brunt of the jokes, it hurts too much to repeat them. It's almost lunch time, so I think I'll just lick my wounds. Ugh!

(Did I mention that Carine is dumping...?)


  1. And with dumping out I'm sure you meant to say "enjoy an unexpected, yet well-earned night off, courtesy of her terrific assistant Emily, without both of whom I would be lost and miserable".

  2. Yes, that is, I'm sure, exactly what he meant. =) Not to worry.