Friday, April 30, 2010

On our way!

Last night we hit the mark! After 12 pages of notes the previous night, I took 2 pages, and many of them merely praise for this great cast. Here are a few: Josh looks good without a shirt; Arwen and Justin's timing to platform area 6 was perfect; FX's "Rainsong" moves were spot on; Eric and Britt have never looked more genuine and dear; Jennifer made most of her entrances on time, and cursed herself, hands covering her face, when she didn't; Madison and John nailed "Little Red Hat" and I have confidence they always will; Charles' delivery of "No one I know of," is perfectly timed and heartfelt; Dick leaves me believing in H.C. and his philosopy of life; Bill has left the mind and moved into the heart of File; Gregory has found the moments and given them time needed, creating the Starbuck we were looking for; And Jenn is my Lizzie - the pain, the hopes, the dreams, and the talent to share it all with us.

And least I forget, SMT provides their directors with the best creative and administrative staff anyone could hope for. I have never been able to thank Ann and Paul enough for the support I receive when I am privilaged enough to participate in their productions. And now I have Carine as well! Thanks, kid, for moving us forward so consistently. And thanks to all the staff.

And we still have a week of layering the tech to create a deep and wonderful show. We're running with the wind, and I can smell the rain coming.

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