Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Little Purple Hat"

Well, now that I've officially done the don't as far as deliberately disagreeing with the director, it seems that Josh is loving every opportunity to mock me...such a gem. However I probably deserve it, considering I did kind of yank his arm many times tonight to get him to twirl me in the proper direction. I must say, taking the lead, would be the best option.

There was a revision tonight: the song is now "Little Purple Hat." As the hat is...well...
That said, John models it rather nicely. :)

After running "Little Purple Hat" once again this evening, I'm very interested in seeing what will happen once I'm clothed in my silk dress, lifts that were once just slightly damaging, could now be considered...deadly. When I told my mother about my most recent fabric addition and my concern, she laughed lightheartedly. Ha...ha...so funny mom...

There are advantages to being the youngest in the cast, however, tonight, a rather interesting comment came out of Jennifer's mouth: "I figured out why you're having a hard time with it...you're so damn young. Bitch." No offense taken, Jen. Regardless of her envious state, she continued showing me how to "do the two-step." Chris remarked, "it's easy for me" sometime during the whole knee-slapping business, and that with John's "I struggled with it, too...I had to practice it for awhile," I concluded that young people just suck at dancing. There should be a moment in the song where the two of us just step aside, and let Chris and Jen knee-slap to their heart's content. Now THAT would be a show-stopper. H.C can let out a few more YAHOO'S and all the elderly folk can "get down low and take it to the dance floh floh..."
We'll all shout "evacuate the dance floor," and I will continue to laugh at my own jokes because I'm sure I'm the only one who listens to this music...

Anyway, it's late...and although I should probably be getting some shut-eye, I might pull a Lizzie and run off with some rainmaker.
Not random at all.

Glad to have Arwin back this evening...
but now I'm missing something else...
my hat. *sigh*
Guess I'll have to wait until Wednesday...
'Night folks!

<3 Snookie


  1. Madison, you're not the only one who listens to that music. I have that cd in my car!