Thursday, April 29, 2010

Great run-through

Can I just say that yet again I feel so lucky to be a part of a theatre company that is so talented AND organized that we do run-throughs 2 weeks before opening? I love it! It really gives me an opportunity to experience the full-meal-deal and sink my teeth into it, so by the time the audience sees it, we will be so ready to present. Thanks to Chris for reiterating for the umpteenth time that he wants us to be real - listen and react genuinely. The detailed notes we get from Paul and Chris will just tighten up the performance as a whole. And we still have 1 more week to go! (And thanks Chris for being so patient and understanding with those people who just can't seem to enter on time. And you know who you are, you slackers.)

I'd say the "backstage" antics are so amusing, even if they occur in the house seats. Josh has more characters and voices than Sybil, and although he wants to be a ninja cowboy, he can rock out like nobody's business.

It was great to chat with Arwin on what were our favorite songs from this show. There are so many good songs in this one, it sure is hard to pick a favorite. "Simple Little Things" and "Everything Beautiful Happens at night" are just too purdy. However, "Little Red Hat" is just such a head-boppin', toe-tappin', fun song, that with John and Maddison's fantastic dancing, however, I don't think it can be topped in my book. (No offense to Charles "Twinkle-toes" Gift and Dick "I'd rather be in the back row" Hooper for their efforts.)

So here's looking forward to our long Saturday where we get to experience the full orchestra. You go bobble-head Paul!

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