Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everyday dancing...

Doing a show is like being in school again. You should go to class (ie rehearsal) every day ready to learn and do some good work. But you're only gonna get average grades if that's all the effort you put in. If you want an awesome production, you've gotta do your homework.

That's why I'm dancing in the middle of Boise International Airport.

Let me connect those thoughts for you :)

Everyone onstage has a whole "outside" life we never consider within the course of a show. Some folks are lucky enough to make acting their full-time occupation-- something almost unheard of in Seattle. For the rest of us, we have day jobs just like you.

So that means that we're cramming in our homework wherever we can. Singing through our harmonies while stuck in rush hour on the 520 bridge. Mulling over blocking notes during coffee breaks. Memorizing lines while trying valiantly not to drip mustard on our scripts as we eat lunch.

Today, my day job landed me in Boise waiting several hours for my flight back to Seattle. What better time to run through production numbers than a long layover? I'm sure the gate agents are very amused as I work on my chass├ęs (that's "step-together-step, for you non-dancers) and body positions. They probably think the rest of the flash mob will show up at any minute.

So the next time you're standing in the Starbucks line and the person ahead of you in line starts humming under their breath and shuffling their feet, strike up a conversation. You never know when you might get the inside track to an awesome new show!

PS: 110 cast and crew, I'm bringing back snacks from Boise!

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  1. Madison Greenlund "likes" your blog.

    You have read my mind on an extremely creepy level...right down to the "dripping mustard on our scripts while we eat lunch."

    I think there's still a stain...