Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today we ran the big numbers.

For our opening number, the audience sees the townsfolk for the first time as we all assemble in the street, and at one point we all huddle in the middle. Snookie was distant from this picture and Chris asked Madison if she could sneak in closer. Evidently hearing something else, her response was "No, I am good where I am." The border between Madison and Snookie is slowly fading. I didn't know that we had such abilities to stand up to the director and make requests. Don't be surprised when I enter the stage Roman Emperor style, on the backs of a dozen servants. Theatre life is so extravagant...

We ran the "Rain Song", which was nice to touch up on. Chris mentioned that to simulate the sensation of falling rain he would spit on us from the house. Hopefully this will not be the same response we get from a paying audience.

Also on tonights schedule was repetion of "Everything Beautiful". When John asked about the pronunciation of "beautiful", Chris told us that it should be "bea-DUH-ful". Afterall, we are from the south; there such be a lot of "DUH" statements in our dialect. In this number, we have a semi-dance formal walking motion to do. Being a white boy with absolutely no sense of rhythem, I managed to make this simple task a complete and total trainwreck. I'll get it, though. Before going on stage, my partner, Madison, grabbed me by the arm and said "I'LL LEAD!" She has such a strong grip.

...and, per usual, Paul made fun of my being alone by the end of "Everything Beautiful". I'd like to point out that while typing this blog, I have been enjoying many alcoholic beverages by myself. I blame Paul's constant torture for this behavior...

More to come...


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  2. First paragraph, I had one of those moments where I was laughing so hard that near the end there was no sound whatsoever. Not even the slightest.

    and...lay-low on those drinks there, cowboy...