Saturday, April 24, 2010

4/24 - Saturday Rehearsal

First full run-thru, and my partner in crime has laryngitis. Brilliant. I hope she realizes how important her voice is for our chorus...

Britt sadly accepts that she can't sing today - constantly getting the evil-eye from Paul. “He'll kill me if I sing,” she says. Britt returned the favor by glaring at me while I sang music from The Last Five Years in front of her...apparently that was a bad idea...

First costume fitting today, turns out, Snookie is a lot more fit than I thought she was. While Lizzie works on her up-do, I'm hitting the gym.

All excited about “necking in the car,” John and I were ready to bust out some awesome lifts in “Little Red Hat,” but instead, I just fell. We both established however, that it was in fact my skirt, and neither of our faults (*wink* *wink*).

Behind the scenes, I captured Justin in the epic 3D-not so-3D glasses, while Josh and F.X ran around with a bottle of vodka (a.k.a a coke bottle) and did a grand job of entertaining themselves until their next entrance.

During notes, Chris reminds Gregory not to scanter, and Greg shoots back with, “but I was planting!” Reminded by Chris that he was plantin' the wrong garden...

Before I head out Chris calls my name, then nervously asks if the lift is “going to work.” I smile and say, “Of Course it was only the skirt.”
Actresses are wonderful liars.

I leave, and yet again, I find myself driving in the rain - it's true that everything beautiful happens at night. ;)

I am incredibly impressed with this cast's hard work and dedication to what they do, we're creating a "family portrait" onstage and offstage, and I'm thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful show, with such a beautiful cast.

Two weeks till' opening! I know it will be just great.


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