Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, our costumer Deane was kind enough to let me use the boots I'll be wearing for the show to rehearse in. Fortunately, none of the dance steps have been hindered by the boots so far. For the most part, they are really fun. They sort of give a boost of masculinity that my personality probably needs. However fun they are, they are ridiculously noisy. Even when treading my softest behind the scenes, a steady CLOP CLOP CLOP can be heard. Cowboy ≠ Ninja. Lame.

With our run of Act One today, we received a new set piece: a brand spankin' new picnic table! And this sucker is STURDY. Think Noah's Ark. It is legally able to also serve as a bomb shelter in case of an emergency. I suppose it goes with the saying that "Everything's bigger in Texas". After attempting to lift it, I checked our actor contracts only to find that SMT isn't liable for hernias. Figures...

H.C. (Dick Hooper) was getting some laughes today, whether they were intentional or not. Some lines were flubbed about H.C's boy, Jim, getting caught puttin' the moves on a young lady. After a little confusion, H.C. just walked away saying "I didn't see anything". This is indeed his line, but it wasn't put in the right place. This same flub happened several times after the actors were forced to repeat the scene. Jim could be all sorts of naked with some lady in front of his dad, and H.C. still wouldn't care. That's my kinda dad! Real progressive...

Finally, got to mention "Raunchy" again. After Jenn finished her piece of seductive dancing, some young hulligan which was totally, definitely, ABSOLUTELY NOT ME made some obnoxiously enthusiastic cat calls . Chris, who was sitting a few rows ahead of me, turned around and looked over the rim of his glasses.

"Are you THAT guy?" he asked.

"Yes. Yes I am," I replied, in complete seriousness.

He gave me a look like I just spit in his coffee. Chris will never cast me again...

More to come...


  1. Josh, I think you intentionally made enthusiastic cat calls just so you could get that exact reaction from Chris and post it on the blog.

    ...meaning more laughs from us...keep it coming. :)


  2. PS:

    Note to props:

    It is imperative that a slip n' slide is added to Act 2 - finale "The Rain Song."

    Josh must slide down it "when the rain comes."