Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last night we worked our way through Act One. It was really cool to see all the numbers, and get a glimpse of the big picture for the first time.

For our number "Hungry Men" the women of the ensemble served us a traditional Texan dish: left over chocolate eggs from Easter. In the song they describe all the labors of preparing an epic feast, and really all they do is open a plastic bag and put it on the table. Feminine trickery. Thank God their singing is better than their cooking...

All in all, the musical numbers are really coming together. The Man Trio, that is Dick, Charles, and John, laid out some sweet harmonies in "Lizzie's Coming Home". Speaking of Lizzie, her "Raunchy" number really brought the heat. It was so good, it made Dick forget his blocking.

And it wouldn't be a true rehearsal without somebody breaking something. John's rippling arms caused him to break right through the skin of a prop drum. Easy on those pushups, stud...

We go back for Act Two tonight. Its coming along, y'all!

More to come...

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