Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tech Week

In honor of tech week, which by some is lovingly referred to as "hell week", a few pictures and introductions of my fellow team members, without whom this, or any other show, would not be happening.

This is Katie, our stage manager who keeps us all on track and in the loop. During the show she calls all of the light and sound cues. To try to list all of the other things she does and is in charge of would mean a VERY long post, so just trust me when I say she is indispensable!

Richard and Dominic (seen here behind the light board) both hold two titles for this show. Richard is the lighting and set designer and Dominic is the technical director (the one who actually builds the set) and the light board operator. Although they're very busy, these jobs combine well because they mostly happen at different times.

Joshua is our sound designer and sound board operator. He sets up the sound system, makes sure all of the actors' microphones are working and are balanced with the orchestra. He also designs and executes all of the sound cues.

Deb, our costume designer and director Vicki, getting a first peek at the actors in costume.

Caleb is one of our follow spot operators and is seen here climbing up in the truss on some sort of mission. (Don't worry, he is wearing a safety harness!)

Bradley is working as our running crew and helps me with the scene changes; moving furniture around, setting props and flying windows.

Katherine is our wardrobe coordinator and dresser. She makes sure that everyone gets in (and out of) the right costume in time and is in charge of costume upkeep as well. Behind her, you can see Jeremy, our education director and Paul, our musical director.

And lastly, this is Chris. He works as the master electrician at SMT and for Company will be the bartender at our brand new bar! Come buy a drink and say hello!

We open this Friday - hope to see you there!


  1. Was Kira Willson hiding from the camera again? She's another great member of the team and running our other follow spot for this show.

  2. Pictures were taken during the Sitz, which Kira wasn't called for. Caleb just happened to be hanging out. I'll try to get her next time!

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  4. Can't wait to see this show. Break legs all around.

  5. Got to see it today. Really enjoyed the performance. Sorry I didn't get to see most of the crew afterwards.

    Y'all have a great show. You should be proud!