Thursday, February 4, 2010

Putting It Together*

Hello blog readers! My name is Ben, and I am playing the role of David in SMT’s upcoming production of COMPANY. Rehearsals are moving along with the same rapid pace that the production demands. It’s hard to believe that we began rehearsals a month and a half ago. My, how time flies! It seems like just yesterday that I was huddled around the piano with the rest of the cast and music director, Paul Linnes for the first time, sight-signing through Sondheim’s wonderfully challenging music. But here we are, a week out from opening night!

Although tech week officially begins next Monday, (that is, the week in which all of the technical elements of the production are added to rehearsals), we’ve been seeing layers of tech added with each passing day. I tried on my swingin’ 70’s costume earlier this week (and couldn’t resist the urge to flash a peace sign to our stage manager extraordinaire, Katie as she walked by). The set has been painted and new pieces of furniture have been appearing on stage; but the most notable technical element to be added has been the lighting. I have been told that the electrical system has been updated at SMT and also noticed that they have a new light board since I last acted in SMT’s production of GUYS & DOLLS last spring. It’s an ETC Ion light board. [Insert an angelic choral “Ahs” here.] For those of you who aren’t a big theatre geek like me, just know that this is an uber-swanky light board which, combined with the updated electrical system at SMT, makes the stage brighter and prettier than ever. And, of course us actors like to be lit.

So, with tech week a couple of days away and opening night around the corner, a constant stream of coffee will be my life support. (A special thanks to the SMT staff and production crew for keeping this warm, caffeinated goodness available at all times.) Come back to this site soon to see how I’m fairing through tech week. Bye for now!

(*No, we’re not doing SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE, but I just couldn’t resist the oh-so-appropriate Sondheim reference.)

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