Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moving right along

A quick introduction: my name is Carine and I am working as the assistant stage manager on Company. Before this show, I was the stage manager for The Producers and worked as backstage crew on Honk! While the stage manager, Katie, is in charge of making sure that everything is on track, my job is to make sure that everything operates smoothly backstage.

This week we have started adding some tech elements; our lighting designer, Richard, is adding lights and we are incorporating scene changes. With the way that the set has been designed, I spend a lot of time under the platforms, moving furniture and props around. The challenge is rotating the set pieces under the platform to make sure they are ready to be pushed out when they need to be - all without making too much noise, or whacking my head repeatedly, of course.

On Saturday we will have our long tech day, when the actors will work with the orchestra for the first time (a rehearsal called the sitzprobe) will have their wireless microphones on for the first time, and we will be adding sound, light and follow spot cues. Our crew person will also join us then, which will make juggling the set pieces a lot easier!

One of the main reasons I got into theatre, and stage management in particular, is that I like collaborating with a team of people. And at SMT, we have a pretty terrific team that I will try to introduce over the next few weeks. Keep watching this space!

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