Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello SMT blog readers! My name is Lauren and I am the assistant director for Company. The show is looking fantastic as we gear up for tech week - it's been exciting to add lights, and start seeing the costumes this week! We have our first rehearsal with the band on Saturday and from what I've heard so far they are sounding wonderful. This is one of my favorite parts of the rehearsal process because finally all the pieces that we've been imagining as we blocked are coming together, and you can see the show emerge. I've been surviving all week on a steady diet of carbs, tea and not enough sleep - I'm the rare theatre artist that doesn't like coffee so that's my substitute! Amongst other things, this week as we run the show I've been trying to watch from every possible angle in the audience to make sure that no matter where you sit the sightlines are clear. Because there's still construction going on this means I'm frequently crawling under boards and climbing over seats to get to where I want to sit! It's hard to believe that we open in a week - check back soon for tales from tech week!

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