Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some words from the Ugly Duckling himself...

My name is Jeremy Adams, and in SMT's production of Honk! I play the leading role of Ugly, the aptly-named ugly duckling.

I am a martial artist who moved to Seattle a couple of years ago from Big Sky country of Montana, and over the past couple of years have been auditioning for local and professional musicals as a triple threat.

This is a very intriguing role for me as an actor, partly because the usual approach of method acting can be a bit tweaked due to the fact that Ugly's introduction on the stage is as a newborn.

No back story to make up there, at least until the second act, when several months have passed. The experiences seen in the first act are the very first ones that begin to create his character.

As far as quick changes go, I have an easier job than almost anyone else in the cast. All but three of the performers in the show are double or triple-casted, and have numerous costume changes, from duck to goose to frog back to duck, etc. The only costume change I have is during intermission, along with the snow-blinded transformation into a swan. Suffice to say, the amount of work you do is not always defined by which role you have ;)

Just as Ugly undergoes many changes during the show, I feel much more seasoned as a performer, which is largely in part to the fact that every actor is able to bring his or her own ideas to the show. This is one of my favorite things about Seattle Musical Theater in general, is the fact that creativity is encouraged and not repressed. Being able to bring one's own ideas to the table is, in my opinion, nothing but beneficial to the free spirit of any cast.

The children, of course, are the ones that sink into it the most, when the show is kid-friendly. But as we like to say, Honk! is an adult show disguised as a kids' show, as many of the hidden jokes would pass right over the young ones' heads, but be perfectly obvious to adult viewers.

You go through the rehearsal process, get used to all the jokes, laugh at the mistakes...then when performance time comes around and the audience is present, they begin laughing, and you nearly lose it onstage all over again simply due to their reactions.

As for the children...again, when the ugly duckling transforms into the swan, they absolutely love it, beginning to cheer and clap when the hope rises and the hero returns. A reaction like that is something I think every actor lives for.

There is now one weekend left, and the ugly duckling hopes you gain the opportunity to come and see it. We have a top-notch cast, high morale, and three more performances remaining to end the run with a bang! Don't miss it!

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  1. Wonderful job done by cast, crew and band! It is a must see. If you haven't seen it yet, one more weekend. Don't miss it!