Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Rehearsal Footage

The TURKEY-CAM brings you some long awaited rehearsal footage!

Our first video shows Ida, the Duck, and Maureen, the Moorhen, discussing why they put themselves through having children.

Next, we get another look at Ida. All her other ducklings have hatched and now she must wait for the BIG EGG. As large as the egg is, it is still hers... it's just "Different".

Ugly, the occupant of the BIG EGG, has met his family - and is teased and taunted by his brothers and sisters. His father thinks he is a turkey. (I mean, REALLY!) The barnyard has had its chance to poke fun at him as well. Ugly shares with us about being "Different"

Later, Ugly encounters Lowbutt, a domesticated Chicken, and Queenie, a domesticated Cat. They share their not-so-politically-correct views of the world with Ugly.

The TURKEY-CAM will be busy at work over the next few days to bring you more footage from HONK!, The Ugly Duckling Musical.

Come see HONK! presented by Seattle Musical Theatre, November 13 - 29, 2009!


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