Monday, October 26, 2009

Honk, I tell you, Honk!

So, we begin a new venture!

Let me go ahead and introduce myself, so you're not confused, saying to yourself, wait a minute you're not Knoopie! No, I'm not... my name is Kathy Derby and I'm a new contributing blogger with SMT. I had the pleasure of doing The Producers with Doug (who blogged throughout that process), I played Shirley Markowitz, was an usherette, a "beer stein" follies girl, and was proud to partake of the general ensemble craziness.

This time around, in what couldn't be a MORE different show than The Producers, I'm playing a chicken, but not any chicken, a DOMESTICATED chicken. I'm playing the role of Lowbutt, which now checks two things off on my to-do list that I never thought would happen in my theatrical career, 1) playing a chicken (there's just not a lot of shows with talking chickens in them) and 2) having the word "Lowbutt" on my resume.

But I'm all about expanding my horizons!

We're in week 3 of rehearsals, or I should say, we just finished week three. If you don't know anything about the show Honk, it's really a delightful show. It's sweet, with a really lovely message about acceptance and believing in yourself. It's essentially the story of the Ugly Duckling, with some twists and turns (and singing and dancing) thrown in. I'm actually really happy to be doing a childrens show, though it's a relevant story for adults as well; they will also enjoy it thoroughly. There is quite a lot of smart humor mixed in with the things that children will love, so something for everyone.

One of the things that I really enjoy about SMT is that they try to do really balanced programming. I love the fact that they do engage the community by offering a show that will appeal to a younger audience every season, I think that's so important. And this one is really spot-on when it comes to meeting that goal.

It's got a barnyard full of animals, a cottage with a cat and a chicken (me) it's got a neat villian (another cat), and a two endearing heros, Ugly and his mother, Ida.

My character that I'm playing is really fascinating for me. She's definitely not really a villain, but she's also not a protagonist in the story, she's much more of an antagonist, but only in that she's very sheltered. A lot of what she brings to the table is an interesting life lesson that is really hard for anyone, let alone children to learn. Some people live with blinders on, and they can't and don't want to see beyond their little sphere of influence. It's not that they are bad people, either, it's just that is the way they have chosen to live their lives, and it takes a lot of shake them from their comfy ways.

She lives with her friend, Queenie, who is a cat, and their entire world revolves around the fact that they are so comfortable in their home, and they don't really want to leave, nor do they want change, per se. But change does come, and it's very interesting to see what comes about when that particular monkey wrench comes knocking on the door to their cottage!

It's a really fun part for me too in that I get to be very comedic, over the top and I just get to have a lot of fun with her.

More to come, in the meantime, can I hear a HONK from the collective peanut gallery?



  1. Thanks Kathy; really love to get an insiders look at what & how SMT works. Keep it up & know that I'm sharing this with all my friends. See you opening night.