Saturday, September 5, 2009

"What Nice Guys"

We had a full-day, dance-and-scene work rehearsal today. I had some review with choreographer Jenn in the morning of the two "Franz" numbers. Then on to some scene work. All the while costumer Carl Bronsdon was fitting people into assorted outfits.

The ensemble worked all sorts of group numbers today. They are a talented, hard-working bunch. One minute they might be playing a theatergoer, then a little old lady with a walker, then a tap-dancing storm trooper. The costumes will be flying backstage, let me tell you.

When lunchtime came I got to leave (lucky me!), but the ensemble folks had to return to work the rest of the afternoon. I salute you amazing guys and gals.

The picture here is of our stage management team, Kira Willson and Carine Hutchison. Both very "nice guys."

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