Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Oh, ze Meadows und ze Mountains und ze Sky..."

Hi Seattle Musical Theatre fans! I'm delighted to be blogging about my experience rehearsing and performing the role of Franz Liebkind in "The Producers."

A quick history. I'm a Seattle native who has performed at many different theaters in the Puget Sound region. "The Producers" will actually be my fifth show in a row at SMT (I was seen in "1776," "Cinderella," "Jane Eyre" and "Guys and Dolls" last season). It's a great place to work (I guess that's why I keep coming back), and "The Producers" is one heck of madcap, exhausting, whirlwind.

We have now been rehearsing the show for three weeks, and today I was called to block a scene in Act II. Our chroeographer Jenn Littlefield was working with the (amazing) ensemble when I arrived on "The King of Broadway" number. While they took a lunch break, director Bill Hamer worked with Andrew (Max Bialystock), Buddy (Roger De Bris), Ryan (Carmen Ghia) and myself in a scene involving running, chasing and gunfire. After the blocking was set, we ran the scene about 10 times. Nothing like repetition to set things in your mind. As I left for the day, the ensemble was returning from lunch to do some more choreography review.

That's it for today. I'll be back early next week. Oh, and the title for this entry is taken from the lyrics of my first song in the show, "In Old Bavaria."

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  1. Good blog,
    I can hardly wait to see the show.